Quick and easy chicken left over fry

Easy one pot meal

If you have leftovers from a roast chicken, this is a quick and easy recipe that used a few basics from around the kitchen. It’s a one pot recipe that means less clean up. It only takes 15 mins to cook.

No measuring needed. You can use whatever ingredients you have around, not just what I’ve used here.

Tools needed:

  • Frypan
  • Wooden spoon or egg flip
  • Cutting mat or board
  • Vegetable knife
  • Grater


Quick Tips: Read the recipe in its entirety before you start cooking. This will help you understand the ingredients, steps, and timing involved, and allow you to prepare any necessary equipment or ingredients beforehand.

Quick and easy chicken left over fry

Difficulty: Beginner Cook Time 20 min Total Time 20 mins



  1. Step one

    Place as much spiral pasta as you think you will need in a large saucepan half full of cold water. Add 1 tsp salt. Place on stove to boil. Turn down the heat to simmer when it starts to boil.

    I suggest about half a cup or so of pasta per person.

  2. Step 2

    With a fork and your fingers take as much meat off the carcass as you can. Make sure there are no small bones in the meat.


  3. Step 3
    While the pasta is cooking, take out a cutting mat and prepare the rest of the ingredients. Chop the onion into small cubes and the apple and tomato into larger cubes or chunks. Grate as much cheese as you like.
  4. Step 4

    Pour a little oil in the frypan and add the chicken, chopped onion and chopped apple. Stir while cooking. When the onion begins to go brown, add half a cup of water to the pan so the ingredients cook and stew.

    You may need to add more water if the bottom gets dry. Stir regularly so it doesn't burn.

  5. Step 5

    When the vegetables and chicken look a bit like stew, turn off the stove top, or, if you have gas, turn it down to low, add another half cup of water, then the paprika and soup mix. This will make it all thicken. stir, then put aside on a trivet if the pasta isn't cooked yet. 

  6. Step 6

    Test the pasta. take out a piece with a fork, allow it to cool a bit, then taste it to make sure it's soft.

    If soft, strain the pasta with a colander and tip into the chicken mix. Stir in.

    Turn up the heat to medium.

  7. Step 7

    Add the cheese and stir it all until the cheese is melted and not visible.

  8. Step 8

    Serve, on it's own or with vegetables of your choosing.

    This can be put aside and heated up in the microwave if you need. If you want to reheat it on the stove top you will need to add a little more water while you stir so it doesn't burn.


You can add more vegetables to the frypan while cooking in step 4 if you like. Chopped broccoli, peas etc.

This recipe can be frozen. Just thaw overnight before you need it and reheat in your microwave.

You can also used other chopped, cooked meat

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